Monday, 13 December 2010

Print Production - Final Digipak - Left Inside Cover

Wanting to continue the tree designs from the cover, I chose my favourite skywards photos from the recent shoot in order to fill the inside covers. I did try to use the shoe-tree photos, but I felt that the colours and the style didn't fit what I had done with the front cover.

For my left inside cover, I edited this photo:

In Photoshop, I rotated them image then raised the brightness and contrast in order to produce a paler background, and put it into greyscale. I then cropped the right side down so it was roughly the right shape for the digipak template and, in order to create a split between the top and bottom halves of the photo, I painted over some of the branches. This allowed me then to use the lasso tool to select the top half of the photo and move it up the canvas, then separately select the bottom half of the photo and move it to the bottom of the canvas. This had given me a large central space for me to insert lyrics, or any sort of text.

I wanted my text to be more understated than the front cover, but still to have the same theme. I used the same font as I used for "This" on the front cover - "Loved by the King". The other font I'd used on the cover, "High Fiber", was too straight and regular for the scrawled appearance I wanted. I coloured it grey instead of black so it had a much gentler appearance. I put branches onto the words in the same manner I did before - selecting parts of the photo, layering it via copy, then aligning it against the text. This time, I also selected the branches with the magic wand tool and filled them grey to match the font. I didn't put them on every letter this time - I had tried, and found that it became too complicated and messy-looking. I chose to write a quote from the title song, "This Young Boy", and not the full lyrics. I had tried, but I disliked the amount of text and, as I was trying to keep a relatively minimal approach, felt that one quote was enough.

I wanted this and the other of the inside covers to keep to a greyscale theme, and generally be slightly darker in mood, reflecting the contrast of brightness and darkness I hope we'll portray in our music video.

FINAL Inside Left

Inside Left Cover

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