Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Print Production - Final Digipak - CD

Wanting to get a complete idea of what this digipak would look like, I also designed the CD cover. I wanted the CD and the cover behind to correspond and so used the same image on the CD. Now, if the CD was to be put back in, its design would merge with the image behind it, and appear as if there was still only one image.

As with the left inside cover, I wanted to continue the font themes, using fonts in the same way I had for the front cover, writing "This" in the font "Loved by the King", and "YOUNG BOY" in uppercase "High Fiber". I arranged them in the same way I had on the cover, and placed David Gibb's name below, appearing the same as it had on the cover. I even continued the cover's blue theme by using a light blue border around the disk, colour-picked from the cover image.

I also included the relevant symbols from the back cover - the compact disc and DVD logos, and, looking at other disclaimers from the CDs in my house, wrote another disclaimer and fake numbers on the bottom to make it look authentic.


CD Cover

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