Friday, 17 December 2010

Print Production - Final Advert

As most adverts carry over a theme from the album cover, I did the same here. I used the same image as the digipak front cover for the bottom half of the picture. This time I completely edited out the bush on the left hand side, painting over it with a blue picked from the background using the colour-dropper tool. I also extended the tree trunk, painting it in. I added extra branches to the top by selecting sections from the original, uncropped photo.

I kept the font themes the same, and ordered it in a similar way to the album cover - I even kept to the idea of words growing from the tree, this time using it for the "Out Now" text. To keep with the almost illustrated appearance of the picture, I drew in the review stars myself, so they looked less regular.

I displayed relevant addresses and logos on a small dark bar across the bottom so that the information can be seen clearly without interference from the dark branches in the picture.


Digipak Advert

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