Sunday, 2 January 2011

Some Inspiration

I am subscribed to Charlie McDonnell - Charlieissocoollike- on Youtube, and he is often involved with music, producing it, directing/shooting videos for his musical friends (Alex Day's "Time of Your Life", for example.) This video appeared on his channel a few months back, and has inspired me: even though it is shot in just one room, with one character, it manages to be both amusing and completely successful as a music video, edited simply in a way that we could easily mimic on our own editing software. It uses simple screen-splitting techniques and colour filters, and sound and lip-syncing is both accurate and amusing in its timing. The video is also effective in portraying the obsession with Saskia Hamilton - a clear theme, building to Charlie typing the name in over and over again at his computer.

If an amateur video, shot with a HD camera in a bedroom can look this good and be this successful, hopefully we will be able to create something with a similarly professional look with the equipment and planning we have got.

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