Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Filming: First Scenes

We started filming midway through January, and from the beginning we were met with some problems. As we've mostly filmed this in a linear fashion (literally, starting with the beginning), we began with the "introduction" scenes. We'd planned for these to be filmed at Red Hill Lane, and were relying on a bright day to help the contrasts between this and the darker sections in the woods. However, it was instead grey and cloudy - and raining. This slowed us up and cut down our filming time as we had to make sure we had enough umbrellas to ensure that neither Al, our main actor, or the camera got wet.

This is the result of our first day of filming - it still needs some editing to even out the colour filters. Beth and me are both particularly pleased with the shot of Al biking under the bridge as the train passes - we hadn't intended it to be shot like that but, realising the train was coming whilst we were filming nearby, we took advantage of the opportunity.

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