Sunday, 2 January 2011

Music Video Planning - Cast Organisation

Beth and I have been finalising the main cast members - we had previously established that perhaps a boy called Alex Rainsford would be able to do the role of the main male character, hence the general appearance of the boy character in the animatic and costume design. However, due to his apparent unavailability at the times we need to film (generally Wednesday afternoons, at which time he would usually still be in college), we had initially attempted to contact another person, Chris Calderon, for the role. He has declined, and it has now come to light that Alex Rainsford may be able to find some extra time on the Wednesday in order to film with us, which would be great.

(Alex on Facebook)

After discussing and shortlisting potential people for the role of the main hanged person who would, of course, get a lot of camera time during the first verse and chorus, we decided that Emma Harrison would be good for the role, especially as her quirky/indie clothing styles fit our ideas for costumes perfectly, as well as the fact that she also does media, and would be able to fully understand and appreciate what we want with our video.

(Emma on Facebook)

Now me and Beth have made a Facebook Event page for both the main characters and everyone in general, inviting some more people to start, and hopefully, as it is an open Event, more will be invited. This will hopefully put us into contact with the large amount of people we'll require as the video progresses towards the end, when the main character is involved with a crowd of the dead people he has rescued. I've provided links to the song and suggestions for costume to ensure they will be prepared for filming.

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